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The "My So-Called Life" Book Club!
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So we've all seen the series. My So Called Life. and unfortunatly, it ended WAY to early. BUT THERE IS HOPE! a book was written after the series ended. Some say its good, some say it isn't very good at all, but for those of us who never got to read it (because its out of print...and way to much on ebay...) want to decide for ourselves! and thats where This Community comes in. with the help of Erin, or _made2bbroken, our awesome book owner, we have a copy of the book at our fingertips. As often as Erin wants to, usually about once a day or every few days, she will post about a page or so of the book "My So Called Life Goes On" by Catherine Clark. We can read the book all together, and post our thoughts, feedback, ideas and arguments. Please use this community as a fun place to chat about anything My So Called Life , and the My So Called Life book. Have Fun!

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