Katie (katheter) wrote in msclbookclub,

What's up with that third chapter?
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Oh I know, it seems like i've been waiting forever to read it.


September 16 2004, 04:13:40 UTC 13 years ago

Wow, you selfish fucks. You're getting to read something that you shouldn't even be able to and you're depending on ONE person to type up the entire text of a book (no simple task) and you have the nerve to fucking COMPLAIN? So fucking selfish.
Hey... I wasn't complaining. All I did was ask where it was. Jeez.
geeze just wondering when we were going to be able to see it... i wasn't complaining. I was anticipating when I would see it. You didn't have to jump down my throat whoever you are. And no I'm not selfish...

Deleted comment

If someone would scan it and e-mail it to me I would type it up.
I guess this community is dead.
I guess so.
Should we like leave?