Sita (blinded_dream) wrote in msclbookclub,

I have My So Called Life Goes on and if anyone is still interested in the book, I'd be more than happy to type up the chapters weekly. Just comment on this entry and let me know.
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Great, I'll type up the first chapter tonight and post it tomorrow.
:) I'll get started on it right away.
thatd be rather awesome of you!
I think - if I'm not mistaken - that you commented on my icon journal earlier. Man, the world is small. :P Okay, yeah, anyway, I'll get started on it asap.
you didnt happen to have Jared Leto as a manwhore, did you?
That would be me. :)
haha, thats random.

PS: I love your icon. Jared Leto + Handcuffs = jflsjaklfjaojlwemfs
yes, that would be splendid! i completly forgot about this community! im the mod, so if you need anything, come to me >:)
:) Thanks for letting me. I feel bad for sort of just barging in here. I just sort of thought it had been abandoned.
it basically had cuz the person who was formally typing them just . .. .stopped
I would love it as well.
Please do. I would even help you if there was any way I could. Like maybe if you had a scanner and could scan the pages and e-mail them to me?? If you think of something, let me know.
you will forever be my hero =D

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aww no, you're not really too late. I still have the book. Want me to? I just got caught up with school last year.

I can probably have a chapter or two up by next week, I just have Latin comp. in Orlando, so it'll take me a week or two.