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Since it seems like people are claiming the book is rather expensive, since it's out of print- i thought i'd post this link... there's several copies for under $5.00.

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I bought the book the year after it came out, but it sucks that people on ebay are trying to take advantage of people by over priceing the book.
eerr, actually. if you will visit THIS link, you will see that the books are selling for around 40 dollars because they are out of print.

the book you just posted isnt the one we are reading. that was just "My So Called Life." this one is "My So Called Life Goes On." so, yeah. :)
ooh.. odd. What was the one i posted then? I'm confused...haha.
you posted "My So Called Life" by catherine clark.
the book we're reading is "My So Called Life Goes On." - same author
What is "My So Called Life"?
Is it the show in book form or something?
no clue, never read it


September 24 2004, 19:36:48 UTC 12 years ago

Sort-of, yeah. Very condensed.